5. Tomo

Nigri sushi

Photograph by Caroline C. Kilgore

The best way to see Osaka-born chef Tomohiro Naito work his magic is to make reservations for his omakase, or tasting menu, at this restaurant in Buckhead’s Ritz-Carlton Residences. Access is granted to just five diners a night, and it begins at $100 per person ($125 if you want foie gras truffles and caviar, $150 to $175 if you want to get extra extravagant), but have you ever eaten fluke, swimming just hours earlier, with ponzu gelée? What about a lamb chop dusted in citrusy, almost minty sansho powder? It’s a 10-or-so-course display of precision as well as Naito’s creative melange of Japanese, French, and Italian cuisines. To wit: The chef may not be as dogmatic as Tokyo’s famous Jiro Ono, but he will turn you away if he feels your cologne might overwhelm the dining experience.

3630 Peachtree Road, 404-835-2708, tomorestaurant.com

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