Add these indie food magazines to your reading list

Katie Barringer’s high-brow Cover Books stocks plenty of good reads
Cured, The Gourmand, and Noble Rot
Need a fix of food magazines that aren’t mainstream? Try Cured, The Gourmand, and Noble Rot.

Photograph by Caroline C. Kilgore

Sure, there’s Bon Appétit and Food & Wine, but if you want to sink your teeth into artful photos of too-ripe fruit (actually pretty beautiful) or an account of Vincent Price’s culinary exploits, then you need to go farther afield than the newsstand at CVS. At Katie Barringer’s high-brow Cover Books, which has two locations, you can pick up the latest copies of Drift, which is all about coffee culture, culinary travel zine Ambrosia, and avant-garde food journal the Gourmand. Barringer’s current favorite indie food mag? Noble Rot, a punky, playful wine publication produced in London. Cover Books: Paris on Ponce, 716 Ponce de Leon Place, 404-249-9965; Atlanta Contemporary, 404-688-1970