Reborn food hall Politan Row at Ashford Lane opens with 1989-themed bar, Okay Anny’s

The new food hall, from the same company that owns the Colony Square food hall, replaces the failed Hall at Ashford Lane, which only operated for two months last year

Polian Row at Ashford Lane
Inside the new Politan Row at Ashford Lane

Photograph by Aaliyah Man

If you’re the type who wonders why the Cosmo ever went out of style, a new Dunwoody bar might satisfy all your 1990s urges. Okay Anny’s, the sequel to Colony Square’s hidden ’70s lounge JoJo’s Beloved, opens Friday at 5 p.m. in the new Politan Road food hall that was very briefly the Hall at Ashford Lane. In addition to Okay Anny’s, the 17,000-square-foot, 220-seat Politan Row at Ashford Lane will feature nine food stalls, a full-service Cuban restaurant, and a central bar.

Parking is free and plentiful, and all of the opening food businesses are female- and/or minority-owned. For opening weekend, Politan Row will donate a portion of the proceeds to Malachi’s Storehouse—a local food pantry—and Giving Kitchen, which provides emergency assistance to food service workers.

Polian Row at Ashford Lane

Photograph by Aaliyah Man

Here’s a run-down of what to expect when you visit:

A rendering of Okay Anny’s

Courtesy of Politan Row

Okay Anny’s
1989 is the theme of Okay Anny’s cocktail bar, and it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift. Instead, it channels the late 1980s and early ’90s—a time of iconic movie sequels (Back to the Future Part II, Ghostbusters II, and Lethal Weapon 2). The vibe of the bar is kitschy and over-the-top with mirrored blinds, bright-colored acrylic, and vapor wave inspiration, like a classic ‘80s fern bar.

Cocktails at Okay Anny’s

Courtesy of Politan Row

Drinks will be served in “un-functional” glassware with riffs on the Cosmopolitan and re-imagined martinis, kamikazes, and Colorado Bulldogs (a vodka cocktail with coffee liqueur, cola, and cream). Bar manager Ashley Wilson, previously of Bocca Lupo and Banshee, worked with director of operations Benton Bourgeois to create an amaro-heavy beverage program. Drinks include the Cranberry Beret (Koval cranberry gin, Gaspard Blanche Armagnac, house-made cranberry syrup, Pierre Ferrand dry Curacao, and lime juice), and the Smoke-N-Pepa (mezcal, tequila, Ancho Reyes Verde, house-made yellow pepper syrup, acid-adjusted orange juice, and Bittermens Hellfire bitters).

Mamacita’s Cuban Cantina
A full-service restaurant located in the back of the food hall, Mamacita’s features Cuban favorites, including empanadas, tostones, lechon asado (pulled pork), and its signature Cuban sandwich. On the beverage menu, there are three frozen margaritas, including a traditional and a mango variety.

Courtesy of Politan Row

Pineapple boat from 26 Thai

26 Thai
Owned by Niki Pattharakositkul, 26 Thai will offer authentic, scratch-made Thai food. It’ll serve an abbreviated version of the Midtown and Lindbergh City Center menus, focusing on highlights like drunken noodles, Thai dumplings, street-style pork, and basil rolls.

Bucatini Ristorante
Chef/owner Luis Mendez is putting to work his experience cooking in kitchens across Italy. He’ll be making hand-pulled pasta, pizza, and popular Italian staples.

Macaroni and cheese from Delilah’s Everyday Soul

Courtesy of Politan Row

Delilah’s Everyday Soul
Southern tradition is the theme at Delilah’s Everyday Soul. Here, like at the Chattahoochee Food Works location, proprietor Delana Reeves is serving up chicken and fish, creamy macaroni and cheese, and chicken & waffles. 

Spicy tuna bowl from Gekko

Courtesy of Politan Row

Jack Bai’s hibachi, poke, and ramen restaurant has an outpost in Politan Row at Colony Square, and the Dunwoody location will be very similar. Look for poke bowls, pork ramen, and hibachi shrimp with broccoli.

Master Pho
Casual metro Atlanta eateries I Luv Pho and I Luv Hotpot will soon have a sister spot called Master Pho. Run by Thao Le, it will serve classic Vietnamese pho, banh mi, and more.

Pretty Little Tacos fare

Courtesy of Politan Row

Pretty Little Tacos
Perhaps the most popular stall at Colony Square, Pretty Little Tacos is the brainchild of chef Michaela Merrick. The Creole-Mexican Street food spot slings birria tacos with proteins like chicken, steak, oxtail, and shrimp. Expect a line!

Peachtree Corners chefs Charlie Sunyapong and Paul Thai are leaning into Mediterranean influences for their second concept—their first being the full-service Stäge Kitchen & Bar in Peachtree Corners. At Sheesh, fresh and eclectic mezze, kabobs, and salads fill plates and bellies.

Brisket sandwich from Smokehouse Q

Courtesy of Politan Row

Smokehouse Q
This family-owned barbecue spot has four locations in Marietta, Roswell, and Atlanta. From pork and brisket to chicken and ribs, the natural flavors of the meat shine, while sides like potato salad, green beans, collard greens, and mac ‘n’ cheese offer warm comfort.

A bowl from Tandoori Pizza & Wings

Courtesy of Politan Row

Tandoori Pizza & Wings Co.
Can’t decide what to eat? Chef Archna Becker combines Indian flavors with staples like pizza and wings. After finessing her recipes at Colony Square, she brings top sellers like vegetarian samosas, mango chili wings, and chicken tikka pizza to Dunwoody.