Renderings, sample menu for Fred’s Meat & Bread in Krog Street Market

Todd Ginsberg of the General Muir will run both Fred’s and an Israeli spot called Yalla
Fred's Meat & Bread

When Krog Street Market opens later this summer, Todd Ginsberg of the General Muir will have not one but two restaurants inside. Along with partners Ben and Jennifer Johnson and Shelley Sweet, Ginsberg will operate a sandwich counter service, Fred’s Meat & Bread, and an Israeli-themed restaurant, Yalla.

Previously announced, Fred’s Meat & Bread will be led by Jonah Merrell as chef de cuisine. The sample menu (below) will look familiar to anyone who remembers Ginsberg at Bocado and has lunched at the General Muir: a burger stack similar to Bocado’s, a “plt” pastrami sandwich with meat from the General Muir, and more.

The second restaurant, as revealed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week, will be an Israeli spot called Yalla. Next door to Fred’s, Yalla will offer schwarma, kabobs, falafel, and a popular Israeli sauce called amba, among other items.

Both Yalla and Fred’s breads will be made by Rob Alexander, who joined the General Muir in early April and previously pioneered Holeman & Finch’s bread program. Both restaurants will share Krog Street Market’s communal seating.

Below, a sample menu for Fred’s.

Fred’s Meat & Bread

burger stack american, pickles, mayo
mortadella & bacon sandwich fontina, aioli
“plt” general muir pastrami beefsteak tomato, bibb
ribeye cheesesteak onions, american cheese
cauliflower & eggplant banh mi pickles, spicy mayo
porchetta salsa verde, aioli
falafel burger spicy cucumbers, yogurt sauce, zaatar
crispy smoked catfish green tomato chutney, lettuce, chili mayo
fried chicken thigh calabrian honey, pickles, fontina, mayo

mushroom and crispy chickpeas

arugula, tomatoes, basil

regular hand cut fries
garlic fries & ranch