Proof & Provision

In its newest incarnation, the cavernous space below Livingston in the Georgian Terrace hotel looks part German rathskeller (think of the bar fight scene in Inglourious Basterds) and part speakeasy, with a pinch of gastropub ambition.

Chef Zeb Stephenson, who is responsible for the food in the whole building but prefers to hang out in the new spot, has every reason to be proud of his small plates, which include chicken liver mousse with blackberry glaze, robust country pâté with prosciutto, and other carefully crafted charcuterie; homemade pigs in a blanket wrapped in potato dough; pickled fiddlehead fronds; deviled eggs perfumed with pickle juice; and kitschy but satisfying French bread pizzas.

Accompany them with a cocktail by hotshot bartender Nate Shuman, who makes a particularly good barrel-aged Negroni with gin, vermouth, and a new rum-based spirit called Hum, which replaces the traditional Campari.