Atlanta-based influencer Reese Blutstein has a new collaboration with Target

Future Collective with Reese Blutstein features over 100 items reflective of her signature style

Atlanta-based influencer Reese Blutstein’s collaboration with Target is now available
Reese Blutstein models her new Target collaboration

Photograph courtesy of Reese Blutstein

Reese Blutstein started an Instagram account out of her Georgia State University dorm room in 2015 to share her outfits with the world. That account, @double3exposure, now has more than 351,000 followers and the 20-something has become known for her distinct style. She’s been featured in fashion magazines and traveled the world, often with her twin sister Molly (@accidentalinfluencer, who also has quite an impressive following).

Blutstein has parlayed her sense of style into impressive business opportunities, the latest of which is a Target collaboration. Called Future Collective with Reese Blutstein, it launched this month. The Future Collective umbrella of the retail juggernaut aims to highlight what it calls “creative makers and culture shapers.” Blutstein’s collection features more than 100 apparel and accessories items, most of which are under $35. Here, the Atlantan shares more information about the collection and her vision. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Atlanta-based influencer Reese Blutstein’s collaboration with Target is now availableHow did the partnership come to fruition?
I have always been inspired by how Target collaborates with designers and creatives to bring in new perspectives, so when the opportunity to join the Future Collective family came about, I of course jumped at it. As someone who has been a Target shopper ever since childhood, and continues to this day, I still find myself wandering up and down the aisles with so much joy, so this partnership is full circle.

It’s also a natural progression for me as over the years, I have had the privilege of working with Target on several exciting fashion initiatives including modeling for the 20 years of design partnerships anniversary collection. It’s truly a “pinch me” moment.

Can you describe your inspiration for the collection?
My vision for this collection was to provide pieces that allow everyone to feel like they have something simple yet cool to wear. I have always had a very unique sense of style, drawing inspiration from everything around me from vintage fashion trends and color combinations to everyday nature. I love classic pieces and items that are easy for people to style and can be worn again and again.

My Future Collective collection combines effortless fashion with versatile closet staples allowing everyone to express themselves through style and fashion. [Shoppers] will find fall essentials like outerwear, sweaters, skirts, dresses, and tops in a beautiful color palette of reds, yellows, browns, and blues. If you follow me, you know that I love these specific colors and talk about them all the time.

Atlanta-based influencer Reese Blutstein’s collaboration with Target is now availableThere are over 100 items. How did you go about designing and curating what would make the final collection?
This was such a cool and collaborative process! I had never been involved in designing clothes before, and the Target team really knows what they’re doing. First, we had a call to go over ideas of what we were thinking, and then the Target team and I both made mood boards. I wrote down every idea I had in my head and shared it with them. They came back with sketches of their interpretation of all my ideas combined with theirs, and I was truly blown away by how much they understood my overall vision for this collection. They sent fabric samples to show color and texture, and we decided which materials to use from there. It was truly a dream collaboration.

The first dropped last week. When can we expect the next two refreshes and what can we expect in them?
Guests will definitely find more fall must-haves, especially as the temperatures start to change! We wanted to keep the versatility and cool vibes going throughout each refresh with a touch of coziness sprinkled in. The next two refreshes will be available over the next couple of months, with the final refresh available in mid-October.

Atlanta-based influencer Reese Blutstein’s collaboration with Target is now availableWhat are some of your favorite items from the collection that we might see you wearing?
It’s so hard to choose because this entire collection was a labor of love. If I had to choose a few pieces, one would be the V-neck strappy slip dresses (coming soon) that we created in the prettiest colors, a buttery shiny yellow and a soft blue shade.

We also made this belt buckle pleated midi skirt, which is a staple in my wardrobe, and a long-sleeved button-down shirt with an exaggerated arm detail. It comes in a green and blue combination, as well as tan and white. Everything in the collection is really fun to style, and I can’t wait to see how people wear the pieces.