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Will the Falcons’ plan to lure fans with cheap concessions work?

“[Cheap concessions] are being considered charity: ‘We’re looking out for our fans,’” said J.C. Bradbury, a sports management professor at Kennesaw State. “But the reality is that the Falcons are a profit-maximizing company that wants to make money for the owner.”

The Dirty Birds made it to the Super Bowl

After a 7–9 season in 1997, no one gave coach Dan Reeves’s 1998 squad a chance. But on the legs of running back Jamal Anderson—who rushed for 1,846 yards, nearly twice as much as he ever had or would again—and a smothering defense, the Falcons rattled off a nine-game winning streak to end the season a franchise-best 14–2 atop the NFC West.

The Georgia Dome’s 1992 debut

The Dome debuted August 23, 1992, with a Falcons preseason victory over the Eagles (Hammer kicked things off; John Denver sang the national anthem; Travis Tritt played halftime).

Coke’s hefty problem, Nunn’s memos, and ATL’s “world-class” label

Claire Suddath in Bloomberg Businessweek on Coke's sales and health concerns Newsflash: Sugary soda makes you fat. Plus, aspartame, the sweetener in diet soft drinks, is a scary, unknown abomination (or so says the Internet...

2013: Worst sports year in Georgia history?

2013 saw a century and a half of mediocrity compressed into seven days that will live in infamy as the Worst Week in Georgia Sports History.

How Atlanta sports fans can survive these terrible times

The Boston Buddha is a certified meditation instructor in New England. He's also a huge Boston sports fan who has dealt with many sports-induced lows over the last forty years. I reached out to him today, desperate for answers, still sick from the simultaneous collapse of the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Dream, and Bulldogs within the last week. The guy's nickname is Buddha, so surely he had answers.

Atlanta sports fans: We definitely have it worst

Who has it worse, Braves or Cubs fans? I posed the question to my Chicago-born husband this morning, six hours after my beloved Bravos blew a late lead over the Dodgers to lose their sixth straight division series. Is it more painful to limp home from the postseason year after year, or to (almost) never be any good at all?

Brian Banks awaits another verdict

Like most young football players, Brian Banks spent years dreaming of the day he’d run out of the tunnel onto an NFL field. However, the once-prized high school linebacker did most of his dreaming in prison and under house arrest, wrongfully convicted of rape at the age of seventeen in 2002.

Thanks for the nostalgia trip, BuzzFeed

One of BuzzFeed's community contributor's put together a GIF'ed-up list called 35 Signs You Grew Up In Atlanta that went viral today. On a scale of LOL to OMG, it's pretty awesome. The 'Hooch, Spaghetti Junction, and even the Thashers get shout-outs.

What’s Matt Ryan worth?

The AJC reports that Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will join the NFL's $100 million club when his contract is renewed in the next few days. Naturally, we wondered, what else could Arthur Blank pick up for that much cash.

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