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Lisa Wu

Atlanta reality TV stars: Where are they now?

Tribble Reese got a master's degree, Fred Pangle is a firearms instructor, Traci Steele is writing an autobiography, and Lisa Wu has moved on to rom coms
Rodney Ho

The AJC’s Rodney Ho watches every reality TV show so you don’t have to

Ho has watched every episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and written more than 136,000 words of weekly recaps. And he knows what his audience wants.
Reality TV in Atlanta

Here’s why reality TV shows keep flocking to Atlanta

Chalk it up to primo locations, local crews, Southern hospitality, and high ratings.
Waist training

Test Drive: Do waist trainers actually work?

With all the allegedly pound-melting cleanses and fat-zapping surgeries available to celebrities, you’d think they’d turn up their perfect noses at a figure-slimming device popularized during Victorian times.

After decades of neglect, glimmers of hope for Sweet Auburn

Back in 2012, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn district to its list of the country’s “most endangered” historic places. Much bemoaning of Atlanta’s fondness for the wrecking ball followed—just as it had in 1992, the first time that the Trust sounded the alarm on the precarious status of one of the most influential locations in African American history.

Why Reality TV Is the New Pro Wrestling

Have you ever considered the uncanny similarities between the divas of reality TV and the stars of professional wrestling? Think about it. The manufactured rivalries and fistfights? The outlandish costumes? The unbridled egos, the double-crossed friendships, the sexual intrigue? We prove our point:

Lifetime’s new reality series stars Swank’s owner (sorta)

Every show needs a queen bee. Evidently, Emily Dees Boulden wears that crown on Lifetime's new mommy-centric reality series, "Pretty Wicked Moms."

Five questions for reality TV’s Mariah Huq

Jonesboro resident Mariah Huq was being courted as a “Real Housewife” when producers decided the former Chattanooga TV host had the personality to carry a show, and built one around an idea she pitched.

Trashionistas: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Five pretty Georgia peaches, plump with collagen and ripe with ambition, sit as still as Evian in the pool house of the Pink Palace, a ludicrously lavish villa that has housed generations of Buckhead socialites and, now that it’s for rent, a Ne-Yo video. The women are the stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and as their eyelashes are curled and their full lips frosted and their hair steamed and straightened against the early morning humidity, they are (so far, under the eye of a Bravo rep) behaving themselves.

The Real Houswives’ NeNe co-hosts the Today show

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe co-hosted an hour of the Today show this morning with Hoda Kotb. Check out a few clips in the linked video, courtesy of the popular women's blog Jezebel. My favorite quote? "You get Kathie Lee's CD, and hopefully she sounds better than Kim."

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