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Chef Lance Gummere’s Mercer Street Meals brick-and-mortar now open in East Atlanta

What started as a pandemic project has become a full-time operation for chef Lance Gummere. Founder of Mercer Street Meals, a mom-and-pop company that prepares hot takeout dinners for busy Atlantans, Gummere recently opened a physical location (845 Flat Shoals Avenue) where customers can pick up their preordered meals.
An app aimed at preventing food waste launches in Atlanta with bargain "surprise bags" from local restaurants

An app aimed at preventing food waste launches in Atlanta with bargain “surprise bags” from local restaurants

Too Good to Go, a seven-year-old app designed to prevent food waste, recently launched service in Atlanta. The app connects restaurants that have a surplus supply with hungry customers in an effort to reduce the amount of food thrown in the trash.

Where in metro Atlanta to buy your tastiest Thanksgiving turkey yet

Whether you're an avid cook or an amateur chef, Thanksgiving dinner can be an overwhelming task. Lighten your load by outsourcing the turkey to one of these top restaurants. Intend to cook the turkey on your own? Skip the search and order the bird fresh—we've done the research for you.
Two Fish Myanmar

A Clarkston couple creates a home for Burmese cooking

Open two days a week in a residential neighborhood just inside the Perimeter, Two Fish Myanmar serves the intriguing, highly pleasurable cuisine of the country and offers nostalgic comfort to Clarkston’s many Burmese residents.
walk-up windows Atlanta

Let’s keep the restaurant walk-up window, please

One pandemic adaptation I’m hoping will prove permanent is the walk-up window, an adjustment made by many metro Atlanta restaurants and cafes.
styrofoam takeout

St*rofoam secrets of the pandemic

Hate to say it, but when it comes to properly insulated takeout meals, styrofoam does the job best.

I ate 5 Evergreen Butcher + Baker Sunday cheeseburgers so you don’t have to

In the name of journalism, I attempted to eat five Evergreen Sunday cheeseburgers. I tweeted about each experience. This is a look back at those burgers and tweets.
16 Atlanta pizzas you must order for takeout

16 Atlanta pizzas you must order for takeout

All these pies are winners—but only one is the ultimate takeout food of all .

Same meal, different price: How to navigate food-delivery apps—and do right by the driver and restaurant

I calculated the cost of my favorite Chai Pani meal from three delivery apps, as well as for good old-fashioned pickup. Note the latter is the preference of pretty much every restaurant; check out the New York Times editorial from late last year: “Apps Are Helping to Gut the Restaurant Industry.”

Noodles or dumplings? Here’s where to get both takeout favorites in Atlanta

If you’re torn between hangover ramen and steamed shrimp hakao, you might as well pick up both!

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