Arepa Mia

75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta: Arepa Mia

Photograph by Lis Hernandez

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Growing up, Lis Hernandez spent countless days with her mother in the kitchen making arepas—stuffed cornmeal patties, crunchy from a hot grill—that they sold on the streets in their native Venezuela. Hernandez’s arepas first appeared in Atlanta at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in 2012, and she still sells them there. Even more rewarding is a visit to her cheerful, stand-alone spot in Avondale Estates, where she also serves specialties such as pabellón (shredded grassfed beef with black beans, fried plantains, and queso de año) and avocado and heart-of-palm salad dressed with sweet corn juice. This is the Venezuelan food that Atlanta was missing. 10 North Clarendon Avenue,