21. Indulge in a fantasy 
Southern feast

A multicourse phantasmagoria gleaned from our 
finest regional restaurants
Country captain at Miller Union

Photograph by Greg Dupree

To nibble: “In Jars” 
at Empire State South, an array of spreads served in mini Mason-glass crocks—that typically includes deviled ham, trout mousse, pickles, pimento cheese topped with bacon marmalade, and boiled peanut hummus.

Appetizer: Blue crab galette, Restaurant Eugene’s twist on a crab cake accented with celery, an assortment of citrus, brown butter, and a tiny salad of peaches and pickles.

Fish course: Crunchy, peppery fried catfish at Busy Bee Cafe.

Meat course: Miller Union’s country captain chicken, the curried, tomato-laced Lowcountry classic garnished with almonds, toasted coconut, and chutney (often apple or green tomato).

Sides: The choices are numerous, but go with creamed corn, vinegary collards, and cheesy 
broccoli casserole topped with frizzled onions at Greenwood’s on Green Street.

Dessert: Simple, 
satisfying, quintessentially Southern hot milk 
cake with caramel icing 
at Watershed on Peachtree.

This article originally appeared in our April 2013 issue.