11 places to get incredible French fries in metro Atlanta

Some come with dipping sauces, some are slathered in cheese, some are sweet, but all are worth ordering

11 places to get incredible French fries in metro Atlanta
Fries with dipping sauces at Leon’s Full Service

Photograph courtesy of Leon's

Let there be no doubt: Atlanta is absolutely a French fry city. The carby, greasy fried potatoes that sop up all your troubles get the respect they deserve around here. From bougie to divey, crinkle cut to steak cut, we have it all. Grab a friend (or don’t—you can absolutely have a plate to yourself) and head to one of these places for your next French fry fix.

Leon’s Full Service
Dining on Leon’s patio with a bucket of fries and a cocktail (or a nonalcoholic one) is a quintessential Atlanta experience, regardless of the season. The fries are good, but it’s the variety of sauces that really make them shine. It’s hard to choose just one—Garlic aioli? Smoked tomato mayo? Buttermilk ranch?—so, fortunately, each bucket comes with two.

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Raclette service at Little Sparrow

Photograph by Martha Williams

Little Sparrow/Bar Blanc
Little Sparrow does a good job with French brasserie fare, but it does really well with French fries. Thick, but not wedge-cut, they are always golden with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior. They come with a choice of béarnaise, aioli, or raclette service (for an uncharge, but it’s a worthy, fancy splurge). At Bar Blanc, upstairs, the same fries are served as part of the steak frites prix fixe—here, they’re unlimited.

Fred’s Meat & Bread
If you love options, Fred’s Meat & Bread has the fries for you. You can opt for regular hand cut fries, but there are four other flavor-packed options to choose from. The garlic fries served alongside ranch or the Old Bay-seasoned fries with tartar sauce stand out among the bunch.

11 places to get incredible French fries in metro Atlanta
Sweet potato fries at Grindhouse

Photograph courtesy of Grindhouse

Grindhouse Killer Burgers
Each of Grindhouse’s locations in the metro Atlanta area serve killer (sorry) fried sides including onion rings and Brussels sprouts, but it’s the crinkle sweet potato fries that stand out. A little sweet and salty, these fries really sing when dunked in Grindhouse sauce—a milkshake on the side rounds it all out.

It’s virtually impossible to resist the sesame fries at sister restaurants Takorea (Dunwoody) and Hankook (Underwood Hills). Fried in sesame oil and tossed in tongue-tingling seasonings and red pepper flakes, the fries have an umami-meets-sweet thing going on. They come with a spicy chipotle ketchup, but no one would judge you for dunking them in an order of queso, too.

11 places to get incredible French fries in metro Atlanta
Volcano fries at Pepitazo

Photograph by Lia Picard

The Venezuelan bites at Pepitazo, with locations in Duluth and Doraville, are worth the visit alone, but don’t miss the volcano fries. It’s a decadent combination: A basket full of extra crispy French fries smothered in gooey American cheese, a hearty sprinkling of Parmesan, chunks of crispy fried chicken, bacon, and corn. The house-made cilantro garlic sauce makes a perfect dunking companion to cut through all that cheesiness.

Slutty Vegan
Pinky Cole’s restaurant—which started as an Atlanta food truck and has since expanded to multiple metro locations, as well as to Birmingham, Dallas, and New York City—is best known for its vegan burgers with provocative names. But its fries should be equally lauded. Thick, crinkle-cut, and topped with the restaurant’s signature “Slut Dust,” you won’t want to share this side. A variety of dipping sauces are available for a charge, but they’re excellent on their own.

Lucian Books and Wine
Go to Lucian for the big, beautiful books, stay for the fries. They’re thin, crispy, and served with a roasted scallion mayonnaise. Pair ‘em with a glass of champagne, bien sûr.

11 places to get incredible French fries in metro Atlanta
Lasagna fries at Lloyd’s

Photograph courtesy of Lloyd's

Lloyd’s pizza might be their calling card, but the decadent lasagna fries have been known to cure bad days. Topped with bolognese, ricotta, mozzarella, and white and red sauces, this dish is the whole package.

Righteous Room
Gussied up fries are great, but here’s a less frilly option that’s just as enticing. Beloved Atlanta staple Righteous Room serves theirs thick and plain or tossed in salt and vinegar. If you need something really hearty, you may want to get the chili wedges with veggie chili and ample amounts of shredded cheese.

The General Muir
The thin-cut fries make a great accompaniment to one of TGM’s signature dishes like the double stack burger or pastrami sandwich, but don’t sleep on the poutine. If fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds are simply not enough, you can top the hearty dish off with pastrami or fried eggs.