Must-try brunch: Ticonderoga Club’s hash browns

When you want it scattered, smothered, and covered, with a cocktail on the side
The hasbrowns at Ticonderoga Club

Photograph courtesy of Foodie Buddha

The brunch game at Ticonderoga Club is strong, not to mention a ton of fun. The playful menu offers dishes such as “yoga pants,” a yogurt and granola concoction with pineapple, nuts, coconut, and honey. But the dish you really need in your life (especially after a late night out) is the hash browns. Executive chef David Bies says the idea was inspired by the classic Waffle House hash browns (the menu even denotes them in all-too-familiar squares), but he wanted to elevate the dish with a few key ingredients. He uses whole butter, Vidalia onions (while in season), and Idaho potatoes that are crisped up on the flat-top, then smothered with six slices of good ‘ol Kraft American cheese. Bies says the hash browns are shareable, but many diners opt to keep the plate all to themselves. With a price tag of $10, order a couple to pair with some hair of the dog, something you definitely cannot get at WaHo.

Check out the full brunch menu below:

Ticonderoga Club brunch menu

Menu courtesy of Ticonderoga Club.