The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta

Stunning wallpaper, massive murals, cheeky neon signs—these bathrooms are made to be seen

The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta
The adorable restroom at Southern Belle features strawberry wallpaper.

Photograph courtesy of Square Feet Studio

With strawberry wallpaper, blue tile, and homey accents, it’s hard not to whip out the phone and snap a selfie when standing in front of the rounded gold mirror in Southern Belle’s bathroom. So often, a restaurant’s bathroom decor seems overlooked and we’re usually happy if it’s at least clean (enough). When one is stylish, though? Suddenly it becomes part of the experience. In this photo-driven world where we’ve come to expect everything to be aesthetically pleasing, why not the bathrooms of our favorite restaurants, too?

Here are 11 restaurants in Atlanta where the bathrooms are practically destinations themselves:

Southern Belle
Southern Belle’s dining room is warm and inviting, and their bathroom is an extension of that. Cute-as-a-button strawberry wallpaper and blue subway tile create an adorable and soothing atmosphere.

The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta
The bathroom at Lazy Betty

Photograph by Andrew Thomas Lee

Lazy Betty
We’re not saying that design firm Praxis had Instagram in mind when they designed Lazy Betty’s bathrooms, but with a bold floral-patterned ceiling, gray-blue wall tiles, and a full length mirror, we’re guessing it wasn’t out of the question. If you need to do a ‘fit check mid-way through your meal, this is the place to do it.

Little Bear
Jarrett Stieber is intentional with everything he does at his Summerhill restaurant, and the bathrooms are no exception. There’s “the pink one,” adorned with vines and snack illustrations by Jess Machen. Here, Stieber cheekily pokes fun of the neon sign trend at restaurants with a sign that literally says “neon sign,” made by Atlanta-based Neon Company. The “blue one” has hand-cut mosaic work by Wihro Kim (who also painted the bar top in the dining room). The blue light gives it a “cool, evening effect,” says Stieber.

The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta
The bathroom at Rooftop L.O.A.

Photograph by Katie Bricker Photography

Rooftop L.O.A.  
Rooftop L.O.A. has flair in spades, from the plush poolside cabanas to the seafood tower served in liquid nitrogen smoke plumes. The bathrooms are chic, too, with different styles found by the pool, the grove, and the restaurant. Each one has bold patterns and vibrant colors that might make you think you’re on vacation and not in an Atlanta restaurant bathroom (just for a moment, anyway).

Tiny Lou’s
The Tiny Lou’s bathroom is kind of like a fever dream (but in a fun way!) thanks to the oversized peach wallpaper. It’s a bathroom that screams Atlanta, and you’ll likely not dread going to it (unlike the one in the basement).

The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta
The bathroom at C. Ellet’s

C. Ellet’s
The dining room of C. Ellet’s is soothing with light blue accents and plenty of natural light by day. Step into the bathrooms, though, and you’ll find Beata Hewman wallpaper with a marbleized pattern. It’s slightly trippy and the saturated hues bring the drama, but the marble and gold accents found elsewhere in the bathroom balance it out.

Bread & Butterfly
Bread & Butterfly’s bathroom goes with a romantic, antique vibe. There are ornate mirrors and wallpaper with a subtle butterfly pattern—naturally.

The indoor mini-golf spot is all about fun and that includes the bathrooms, too. The restrooms have become popular photoshoot spots with sleek black and white tiled floors and neon signs with sayings like “stop looking at my putt” (get it?).

When it comes to glamorous bathrooms, Marcel wins, hands down. The ornate steakhouse has a 1920s vibe that’s reflected in the restrooms with a gallery wall of intricately adorned mirrors and button tile flooring. The thing that really sets it apart, though, is the marble vanity with “essentials” such as hair products, candies, and shaving accessories.

The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta
One of the restrooms at the Distillery of Modern Art

Photograph courtesy of the Distillery of Modern Art

The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta
A paint-by-numbers-inspired restroom at the Distillery of Modern Art

Photograph courtesy of the Distillery of Modern Art

Distillery of Modern Art
Vodka and a side of artful design can be found at the Distillery of Modern Art in Chamblee. The four bathrooms pick up on the distillery’s art theme with unique murals for each one. The murals range from a surreal beach landscape to a splashy, iridescent repeating Marilyn Monroe.

The 11 swankiest restaurant bathrooms in Atlanta
The bathroom at the Painted Pin

Photograph courtesy of Painted Pin

Painted Pin
Part entertainment venue, part restaurant and bar, Painted Pin in Buckhead has probably the cheekiest bathroom of all. The silver fixtures hanging down over the sink look decorative, but they’re actually motion activated faucets. When you’re standing at the mirror everything might seem pretty typical, until you realize that you can see into the other restroom’s sink area (just the sink area—everything else is private).