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Turtles on Jekyll Island

Watch hatchling turtles make their way to the ocean at dawn

Every year from around mid-May to the end of July, loggerhead sea turtles amble up Georgia beaches in the middle of the night to lay their nests. Around two months later, the tiny hatchlings emerge, making their way to the ocean guided by the reflection of moonlight.
Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

String up a hammock between fallen trees on Driftwood Beach

At the end of an unassuming palmetto-lined path on Jekyll Island, you’ll find Driftwood Beach, a surreal natural sculpture garden of fallen trees.
50 Best Things To Do in Georgia what to do in Georgia

Peer into a blue grotto at Radium Springs Gardens

The water’s searing blue hue is a result of trace amounts of radium, which was once believed to have healing powers.
Boiled Peanuts

Brake for boiled peanuts

In the South, you’ll spot hand-scrawled signs for boiled peanuts across the state’s back roads, but our favorite is Fred’s Famous Peanuts, outside Helen.
50 Best Things To Do in Georgia what to do in Georgia

Get lost in a story at Flannery O’Connor’s farm

Pay homage to the eccentric Southern writer at her circa-1860 Plantation-style home in Milledgeville.
50 Best Things To Do in Georgia what to do in Georgia

Dig back 17,000 years at the Ocmulgee National Monument

In the 1930s the country’s then-largest archaeological dig ever revealed hundreds of burial sites and excavated 2.5 million artifacts from more than 10,000 years of Southeastern Indian culture.
Little White House

See Georgia through FDR’s eyes

An hour and a half south of Atlanta, you’ll find Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vacation cottage, the Little White House, and the warm springs where he swam for polio therapy.
Dixie Speedway

Watch a dirt track race at the Dixie Speedway

Bring the kids, the grill, and a case of beer to get the full Saturday night tailgating experience at this authentic red clay racetrack in Woodstock.
50 Best Things To Do in Georgia what to do in Georgia

Admire the antebellum and contemporary at SCAD Museum of Art

Cool, contemporary artwork isn’t the only draw at SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah. The building that houses it is itself destination-worthy.
50 Best Things To Do in Georgia what to do in Georgia

Light a candle at the largest Hindu temple outside of India

With its pristine white exterior, intricately carved pillars, and towering spires, the sprawling 27,000-square-foot BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir stands out like the Taj Mahal next door to a Lilburn Walgreens.

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