Redbird now serves lunch from a walk-up window

“Bird in Hand” sandwich menu available every Wednesday through Friday

SmashBurger with a house salad

Since 2019, Redbird—led by executive chef and co-owner Zeb Stevenson—has been known for its unique, free-spirited approach to dinner. In October 2020, Stevenson added weekend biscuit sandwiches served from a walk-up window and dubbed it Birdy Biscuits. Recently, with the popularity of Birdy Biscuits and the increase in foot traffic in Westside Provisions District, Stevenson decided the area—and his team—was ready for lunch service.

Pre-pandemic, Redbird offered a sit-down lunch inside the restaurant. This time, Stevenson is offering a more “low-key” experience with sandwiches, salads, and sides served from the walk-up window.

“I have to wonder if the era of dine-in lunch is dormant. It feels like the expense account lunch is a bygone era,” he says.

Blackened shrimp Po boy with whole grain salad
Spice-rubbed chicken sandwich with chickpea-battered mushrooms

The new lunch menu is called “Bird in Hand” and includes dressed-down versions of dinner items served on bread made in-house. The spiced rubbed chicken sandwich utilizes the same rub as on the dinner entrée, but in this format, it’s topped with cabbage and avocado dressing. The popular fried mushrooms coated in chickpea batter are available as a side item. Other options include shawarma-spiced eggplant with pickles, tahini, and hummus, and grilled cheese with fontina, asiago, and black truffle.

“I wanted something that identified more closely with Redbird’s dinner menu,” Stevenson says. “Birdy Biscuits is really a separate concept. Plus, its smart operationally to use [ingredients] you may already have.”

Currently, the “Bird in Hand” menu is available Wednesday through Friday, while Birdy Biscuits are served on the weekends. Patrons can order their food to-go or enjoy it on the patio. If the lunch offerings really take off, Stevenson says he may open the dining room for counter service.

Chef Z’s grilled cheese and BBQ chips

Scope the Bird in Hand menu below.

Sandwiches: (served with a side of your choice)
Spice rubbed chicken: cabbage with avocado dressing on a soft hoagie roll – $11
Redbird SmashBurger: two dry-aged beef patties with Nick’s bacon & onions and American cheese – $14
Shawarma-spiced eggplant: with quick pickles, tahini sauce, hummus, and herbs in flat bread – $10
Chef Z’s grilled cheese: fontina cheese, asiago, and black truffle – $10
Sliced smoked turkey: with garlic jam, mayonnaise, sprouts, and lemon vinaigrette – $14
Blackened shrimp Po boy: with shredded lettuce and spicy remoulade on a soft roll – $15

Side orders:
House salad with crunchy garlic and white balsamic dressing
Fresh BBQ potato chips
Whole grain salad with coriander dressing and Vegetables
Mushrooms in spiced chickpea batter

House green salad: add chicken ($6) or shrimp ($8) – $8
Jade’s steak salad: Vietnamese style beef, greens and vegetables marinated in sweet/sour/savory dressing – $15

Chocolate chip cookie bars – $4
Coconut macaroon bars – $4