Got five minutes? Holler & Dash can have a biscuit ready for you

The Southern fast-casual chain is coming to Westside Ironworks in August
Strawberry Dash

Courtesy of Holler & Dash

Rendering of Holler & Dash

By FRCH Design Worldwide

If you crave brunch fare on the regular, but don’t always have time for the whole wait-in-line, sip mimosa, wait-some-more production, you’re a likely target for the newest biscuit shop coming to the Westside. Holler & Dash Biscuit House made a name for itself as a comfort food breakfast-and-lunch option in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. Come August, it’s bringing its house-made biscuits, cage-free eggs, and hormone-free proteins to 1085 Howell Mill Road.

“Atlanta’s food scene is very diverse, but it has that foundation of Southern emphasis,” Holler & Dash culinary director Brandon Frohne says.

Customers can order online in advance, at the counter, or a digital kiosk near the front door. Though dining in is encouraged, the variety of ordering options allow Frohne’s team to bring food to the customer in 5 to 7 minutes.

Pork Rambler

Photograph courtesy of Holler & Dash

Menu options include the “Garden Goat” with fried goat cheese, kale, lemon Dijon vinaigrette, and tomato jam; and the “Pork Rambler” with fried pork tenderloin, blackberry butter, and fried onion straws. Beyond the biscuits, expect beignets, steel-cut oatmeal, and fresh fruit.

We spoke to Frohne to learn more:

What made you decide to expand to Atlanta?
Atlanta is a community that loves good food. We’re fast-casual and try to reach a younger, millennial demographic. Atlanta seemed like a natural fit. And we just loved the Westside.

What will be unique to the Atlanta location?
We have some fun changes coming. We’ll have agua frescas, and this will be the first time we’re launching an espresso program. We’ll have nine new menu items unique to this market. We want to explore some more breakfast toasts and some additional egg-based dishes. Additionally, one of our philosophies is zero waste. All of our biscuits are made fresh, so we’re developing a fun little doughnut made with the biscuit dough scraps.

A rendering of the interior of Holler & Dash

By FRCH Design Worldwide

What makes your biscuits stand out?
They’re handmade daily from scratch with just six ingredients. They’re about 3.5 inches wide by 2 inches high with lots of flaky layers and the perfect moist interior. The top layer has this beautiful crunch. You can tell we’re kind of biscuit nerds here.

We have sweet options like “Strawberry Dash,” a play on strawberry shortcake made with creole cream cheese, marinated strawberries, and whipped cream. Then there’s savory like our “Kickback Chicken,” fried with pepper jelly and goat cheese and scallions. We have a classic biscuit category with a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit; plus sausage; ham; and chicken biscuits.

What do you have in mind for the beverage program?
We’re currently finalizing the local beer menu. We’ll have Third Wave coffee, nitro cold brew Stumptown coffee, regular cold brew, espresso, our agua frescas that will change seasonally, Pinto Sage kombucha, and teas.

What will Holler & Dash look and feel like?
It’ll have a really industrial feel. There’s a outside porch area that’ll seat 25 and a colorful display out front. It’s in the old Ironworks building, so we kept the original brick wall inside. We’ll have our signature Holler & Dash bright yellow with grays, blues, and reds, so it’s industrial but also very warm and inviting.

Do you have other locations in the works?
Yes, in Nashville. There’s nothing else in the works for Atlanta right now, but we see a lot of potential in the area.