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Cover Story

Bill Addison went out in search of the best barbecue for our May 2013 issue, so we could report on the ten best joints in the area. Read his thoughts on Atlanta's 'cue scene, scan his findings below, and enjoy the full cover story with the digital edition.

More Barbecue

Ten joints not enough? Check out our July 2010 cover story, featuring fifty-eight in the metro-area. Or browse the listings from our Restaurant Guide (at right). Or follow Bill Addison's advice, hit the road, and make pit stops in Texas and North Carolina.

Where It All Began

Sam and Dave's Dynasty
Strip mall outposts, stainless-steel smokers, and one mystical mac and cheese recipe: The story of a tiny Marietta upstart that sired four of our Top Ten barbecue joints


Barbecue Listings

A collection of barbecue joints from our online Restaurant Guide

  1. Ebony and Ivory

    Marcus “Ebony” Phillips and Victor “Ivory” Amato (as they identify themselves on the restaurant’s website) met while working at Dantanna’s CNN Center location and pooled their resources to open a takeout shack in Smyrna, next door to a Sherwin-Williams outpost.

  2. Dave Poe's

    Since 2009, when they split their Sam and Dave’s BBQ empire that reset the bar for metro-area barbecue, Sam Huff and David Poe have been compared constantly by ’cue aficionados.

  3. Moonie's Texas Barbecue

    Jason Martin lived in Austin for more than a decade, working as a programmer and basking in the local barbecue culture.