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Physician Profiles

Physician Profiles Introducing Atlanta’s top healthcare professionals. Whether you need to schedule an emergency appointment, a consultation, or your annual check-up, we can help you find the practice that’s right for you. Check out the following specialists to find practices offering advanced technology alongside unparalleled service.

AICA Orthopedics

Julius O. Ajayi (MD, FACP)

AllSpine Laser and Surgery Center

Ken Anderson (MD, FISHRS, ABHRS)

Betty Anthony (MD, PhD), Suiza Chua (MD)

E.J. Aspuru (MD)

ATL Colorectal Surgery

Atlanta Brain and Spine Care

Atlanta Heart Specialists

Atlanta Institute for ENT

Atlanta Oncology Associates

David M. Benglis (MD)

Angela Beninga (DO)

Brock Bowman (MD)

Misty Caudell (MD, FAAD, FAACS)

Center For Sight

Mark Codner (MD)

Mark Deutsch (MD, FACS)

Said Elshihabi (MD)

Family Practice Center

First Medical Care

Roger Frankel (MD, MBA)

James Courtney French (MD)

Georgia Pulmonary Group and Georgia Sleep Specialists

Alienor Gilchrist (MD)

Gary R. Gropper (MD, FAANS)

Didier Guillaume (DMD)

Gwinnett Pulmonary & Sleep

Regis W. Haid Jr. (MD)

Keith Hanna (MD)

Heart and Vascular Care

Malaika Witter Hewitt (MD)

George W. Jabren (MD, FACS)

Michele M. Johnson (MD, MBA)

Kay Kalantari (DDS)

Thomas W. Kauffman (DDS)

Shazib Khawaja (MD, FSCAI)

Kidney Clinic

Marisa Lawrence (MD, FACS)

Greg J. Mackay (MD)

John W. McBroom (MD, FACS, FACOG)

Rolf W. Meinhold (MD)

Northeast Atlanta Ear Nose & Throat

Northwest ENT and Allergy Center

Peachtree Radiation Oncology Services

Perimeter ENT

Perimeter Orthopaedics

Regenerative Orthopaedic & Spine Institute

Gagan Sawhney (MD)

Matt Smith (PSYD)

South Atlanta Vascular Institute

Sherry P. Taylor (MD)

Therapeutic Radiation Oncology

Obi Ugwonali (MD)


Syed Wasim (MD, MPH)

Joshua T. Wewel (MD)

Elizabeth Whitaker (MD, FACS)

Yolanda Wimberly (MD, MSC, FAAP, FSAHM)

Steven D. Wray (MD)

Asaf Yalif (MD)

Dentist Profiles

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Atlanta magazine’s Physician and Dentist Profiles feature the city’s leading physicians, medical groups, dentists, and dental groups. Profiles appear in a special section of Atlanta magazine and online. Call your account executive at (404) 527-5500.